Long-Stay Vacation in Nagano: 10 Tips with Kamesei Ryokan as Your Base

July 13, 2020: 温泉タウン戸倉上山田 Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada, 亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan, 季節 Seasons, 長野に来る理由 Reasons to Come to Nagano

How about spending an extended vacation in Nagano?  Make Kamesei Ryokan your base for exploring Nagano Prefecture.  Here are the 10 most popular day-trips.

1.Zenkoji Temple, Nagano City

Our onsen town, Togura-Kamiyamada, has traditionally been considered the resort of choice after visitors make their pilgrimage to Zenkoji.  The venerable temple houses the "Amida Triad Sharing One Halo" image which is the oldest Buddhist image in Japan, having crossed over from the Korean Peninsula in 552.  Once every 7 years it is put on display during the renowned Gokaicho ceremony.  Visitors to the temple usually enter the Main Hall, and take the stairs down into a pitch-black corridor, feeling along the wall in the hopes of finding the 'key' that is located directly under said image.  After transmitting prayers through the image, visitors ascend the stairs to once again be in the light, a sensation similar to being born again.  More info here.

Venerable Zenkoji Temple

The main road leading to Zenkoji, "Naka-mise", is lined by souvenir shops and soba noodle restaurants.  Here you are sure to find the perfect memorabilia to take home, as well as satisfy your tummy.

Access from Kamesei Ryokan:  By car it is 27km (approx. 50 min.) to Zenkoji.  It's best to take Route 18 and surface streets as the Expressway runs in an inconvenient direction.  By train, it is 25 minutes from Togura Station to Nagano Station, and then a 5 minute bus to the temple.

Kamesei Tips:  Leave your car at our inn, take the train from Togura Station, and walk from Nagano Station to Zenkoji.  This allows you to enjoy walking up the Naka-mise street, as most parking lots are located behind the temple.  Also, one block off Naka-mise to both the left and right are narrow lanes lined with Shukubo (temple lodging), a serene contrast to the chaotic scene of the shops and restaurants along the main street.


Nagano Prefecture's premier resort town, Karuizawa boasts a large number of high caliber art museums and galleries, fantastic boutique shops, quaint chapels, and a smorgasbord of gourmet restaurants, all in a lush, natural setting.  And that's not to mention the outlet shopping center.  Plus there are the elegant Mikasa and Manpei Hotels and the fancy summer homes, giving the town an opulent atmosphere.  Official info.

Classic Karuizawa; Mampei Hotel

Access from Kamesei Ryokan:  For by both car and by train, there is a slow and fast option.  By car, taking the Joshin'etsu Expressway and exiting at the Komoro IC, it is 50km, approx. 55 minutes.  If you avoid the expressway and take the Asama Sun Line highway, it will take 10 minutes longer but the rural scenery is worth it.  By train, you can transfer at Ueda to the Hokuriku Shinkansen and reach Karuizawa in 45 minutes.  Or you can take the local train all the way from Togura for a leisurely 1 hour and 15 minutes (and 1/3 the price).

Kamesei Tips:  Karuizawa's roads tend to get congested on weekends and holidays, especially in the summer, so take the train instead.  Many head to Karuizawa to shop at the outlet stores, but the old-fashioned Kyu-Karu "Ginza" and the classy Harunire Terrace offer enticing alternatives.


The name "Togakushi" refers to a tale related to Japan's creation myth, appropriate for the area's mystical atmosphere.  Perhaps the place best suited for feeling the spiritual power is the trail to Okusha, the Inner Shrine.  It is lined by ancient cedar trees that give a distinct vibe of the power of nature.  Togakushi is also famous for soba noodles, and there is something extra-special about the noodles prepared with the highland's clear water and clean mountain air.  Togakushi hides one other secret:  the eponymous Togakure-ryu ninjas.  Many of our guests have come back from the Togakushi Ninja Village gushing that it was more fun than USJ!  Official Info.

Zuijinmon Gate with the ancient cedar trees beyond



Access from Kamesei Ryokan:  By car, there are 2 main routes.  The typical way is to drive to Zenkoji and then up to Togakushi from there.  45 minutes + 45 minutes, for a total of 90 minutes.  Alternatively, you can take the Joshin'etsu Expressway from the Koshoku IC to the Shinano Machi IC, and then the back roads up to Togakushi.  With that route, from our door to the Okusha parking lot, it is 60 minutes.  You have to pay the toll and it's the long way around, but it is considerably faster and less crowded.  By train is is 25 minutes from Togura to Nagano Station, then an hour-long Alpico Bus up to Togakushi.

Kamesei Tips:  Togakushi features 4 very distinct faces, depending on the season.  Autumn is the most popular, with the fall leaves colors peaking in October and the new crop soba coming in November.  However, spring is spectacular for bird watching and for the creamy white marsh lilies (aka skunk cabbage), summer means cool highland temperatures and playing in the streams, and in winter Togakushi is a snow shoeing paradise (ask us for great course recommendations).  For ninja fans, the Ninja Village has an extensive variety of activities, but the Ninpo Center near the entrance to Okusha is much less crowded.


Known as the Crow Castle, the formidable Matsumoto-jo is a designated National Treasure.  It has been recently joined as such by Matsumoto's old Kaichi School building.  Another popular destination is the Municipal Art Museum, with a selection of works by the world-renowned 'polka-dot lady', Yayoi Kusama.  The Nawate-dori and Nakamachi shopping streets round out the must-see spots in central Matsumoto City.  Official Info.

The stately black facade of Matsumoto Castle, aka The Crow Castle

Access from Kamesei Ryokan:  By car, if using the Obasute SA Smart IC, it Matsumoto is a convenient 45 minutes from Kamesei.  By train, we can provide shuttle service to Obasute Station to catch the local JR train Matsumoto Station, also 45 minutes.

Kamesei Tips:  We personally are big fans of Matsumoto's craft scene.  There are several unique shops along Nakamachi, including our favorite, Chikiriya.  The Craft Fair held the end of May is one of the best in the country, and year-round you can go to the Matsumoto Folkcraft Museum and see some outstanding examples of Matsumoto's hand-built furniture.

5. Obuse

Famous for chestnut sweets and the ukiyo-e artist Hokusai, Obuse is particularly popular with two types of visitors:  Japanese and other Asians for the chestnut mont blanc, and Westerners for the Hokusai Museum and ceiling painting of a phoenix at Gansho-in Temple.  Personally, our favorite aspect is the quaint townscape, especially Chestnut Lane and all the Open Gardens.

Obuse's quaint Chestnut Lane

Access from Kamesei:  By car Obuse is 45 minutes using the Joshin’etsu Expressway and the Obuse SA Smart IC (ETC card required).  By train, from Togura Station to Obuse Station transferring at Nagano Station, it takes approximately 80 minutes.

Kamesei Tips:  In the center of town is the Takai Kozan Musem.  Here you can learn about Hokusai’s patron and see what the town was like when the famous artist resided here.  Outside of the center beyond Gansho-in is another temple called Joko-ji.  The enterprising head priest has undertaken many initiatives to make the temple relevant to today’s Japan.  Just one project is indicated by Joko-ji’s nickname:  The Slackline Temple.  By the way, next door is a restaurant specializing in tofu dishes – Yummy!

6. The Roof of Japan – Kamikochi, Utsukushigahara and a variety of Ropeways and Gondolas

One of Nagano’s biggest draws are its many mountains.  The Prefecture is not only home to all three of the Japanese Alps ranges (Northern, Central and Southern), but has Shiga Kogen and the “5 Northern Nagano Peaks”.  Everywhere you go in Nagano you will see mountains!

Convenient Access to the Roof of Japan (Pictured: Ryuoo Ropeway

Many of our guests visit Nagano to go to the mountains, then come down to relax at our inn.  Some of the easiest to access are Norikura (via the Echo Line bus), Komagatake and the Senjojiki Cirque via ropeway, Utsukushigahara Highlands and Mt. Kurumayama by driving the Venus Line and taking the Kurumayama Skylift, SORA Terrace via the Ryuoo Ropeway, Nojiri Lake Terrace on Mt. Madarao using the Tangram gondola, and Mountain Harbor high up in the Hakuba Range using the Iwatake gondola.

Access from Kamesei varies by destination.  We suggest you confer with us and use our collection of brochures (and discount coupons!).

7. Mountain Climbing and Trekking

Lots of guests show up wearing hiking boots after traipsing around Nagano’s mountains and forests.  We are actually fans of mountain climbing, too, and have explored most of the trails around our onsen town Togura-Kamiyamada and several throughout the Prefecture.

Explore Nagano's Wilderness

We would be happy to give advice for Nagano's popular trails, such as Mt. Asama and Shiga Kogen, as well as lesser known treks such as abandoned rail tunnels or the Birth-mountain of Kintaro, the Golden Boy -- we've explored them all.  After factoring in the weather and your desired activity level, we are sure to come up with the perfect suggestion.  And don't worry if the day of your expedition turns out to be rainy -- there are indoor options, too, such as rock climbing gyms.

Access as well as our Kamesei Hints depend on the actual trail so feel free to inquire.

8.Winery Tour

Nagano's wineries have been gaining attention on the global stage lately, and we are fortunate to have several "Wine Valleys" in our vicinity.

The eastern section of the Chikuma River Wine Valley is perhaps most famous for Villa d'Est Garden Farm and Winery, but don't overlook its Tomi City neighbor Rue de VinMann's Winery in Komoro has a long-established history, while Chateau Mercian's new Mariko Winery in the hills above Ueda City has already made the global Top 50 list.

The northern reaches of the Chikuma River Wine Valley includes the highly-acclaimed Kusunoki Winery in Suzaka (the chardonnay is a life-changer!) and St. Cousair and its restaurant with panoramic view in Iizuna town.

Access and our Kamesei Tips will depend on your itinerary.  We would be happy to provide suggestions.  And with our Nagano Wine Stay Plan, you are welcome to bring your own bottle of Nagano Wine to have with your dinner.  We also have an eclectic selection of local wines to enjoy with your meal.

9.Apricot Village, Fruit Paradise

The nearby Mori district is nicknamed "Anzu no Sato" (Apricot Village), as our city is Japan's #1 producer of apricots.  In early April the entire valley is covered in the delicate pink blossoms.  It is said you can see 100,000 apricot trees at one time from the viewpoint at the top of the valley.  On a clear day, the snow-capped peaks of the Northern Japanese Alps provide a stunning backdrop.

Pastoral "Apricot Village" Mori with blossoms in the foreground and the snow-capped Alps in the distance

Apricot fruit is available for picking in late June / early July.  The heritage varieties tend to be tart and are ideal for making into jam or dried fruit, but newer varieties such as Harcot are sweet enough to eat fresh off the tree.  And don't forget apricot soft-serve ice cream!

Besides apricots, our area features a parade of fresh fruit year-round.  Later in July following apricots are cherries and then plums and nectarines.  With August comes the famous Kawanakajima peaches.  September means table (eating) grapes while apple season is primarily October (Nagano's "Three Apple Siblings": Shinano Sweet, Shinano Gold and the deep-red colored Akibae, as well as the tart heritage Kogyoku) and November (the mainstay Fuji apples).  Strawberries are available for picking in green houses in the winter through late spring.

Our Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada has several fruit orchards nearby

We are fortunate to have several grape and apple orchards within a 5 minute drive from our inn.

10. Fabled Moon-Reflecting Obasute Rice Terraces  *Japan Heritage Site*

The Obasute Rice Terraces are a quick 10 minutes by car from Kamesei Ryokan.  They are located on a slope at the base of the 1252-meter tall Mt. Kamuriki which towers over our city.  The mountain is nicknamed “Obasute Mountain”, refering to the ancient legend about abandoning elderly people on the mountaintop. From ancient times, the area at the foot of the mountain has been renowned for its stunning views of the moon, especially a phenomenon known as “Tagoto no Tsuki” where the moon reflects in the individual rice paddies.  In October 2020, Obasute was designated a Japan Heritage site for the moon-viewing story. 

Obasute's moon-reflecting rice terraces

Obasute overlooks the Zenkoji Plain.  One of the best places for the view is the platform of Obasute Station.  The lights down in the valley at night are a popular site.

Don't miss the Obasute Night View

Access and Advice:  The Obasute Rice Terraces are just 10 minutes by car from Kamesei Ryokan.  You can park at the Obasute Tourism Hall on the north side and stroll the paddies from Choraku-ji Temple.  We at Kamesei Ryokan through our Zukudashi Eco Tours offer guided cycling tours of the Japan Heritage site.  For the night view, the local tourism association runs a special sightseeing bus.  Kamesei's owner is one of the regularly scheduled guides and would love to accompany you to see the lights of the Chikuma River Valley from Obasute.

Bonus:  The Snow Monkeys at Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park

No visit to Nagano would be complete without seeing the world-famous Snow Monkeys at the Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park.  These are the only wild monkeys in the world that soak in an onsen bath.  They draw photographers from across the globe to capture their blissful expression as they luxuriate in the hot spring water.


Blissful snow monkeys

While many people go see the monkeys during winter to see them in their snowy habitat, the babies born in the springtime are little fur-balls running all over the place making the Monkey Park a treat to visit year-round.

Playful Baby Snow Monkey

Access and Advice:  By car the parking lot is 60 minutes from Kamesei Ryokan using the expressway.  By public transportation, it is 25 minutes by train from Togura to Nagano, then a 45 minute express bus to the trailhead.  (See the Kamesei blog for updated train / bus schedules.)  Either way, there is a 30 minute walk through a beautiful evergreen forest to the actual park.  If you go in the fall, during the macaques' mating season they may be, err, preoccupied and won't come down to the park.  You can check the live camera feed on the park's website for the latest status.

夏休みに亀清で滞在♪ 周辺観光の人気トップ10; Long Stay Vacation in Nagano: Top 10 Nearby Day Trips

July 13, 2020: 亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan, 季節 Seasons, 長野に来る理由 Reasons to Come to Nagano, 信州の山 Nagano’s Mountains, その他 Miscellaneous

この夏は長野で長期滞在の休みは如何でしょうか? 亀清旅館をベースにして、長野を探検しましょう! 亀清旅館のお客さんに調査した結果: 周辺のトップ10人気観光スポットを発表します。




亀清旅館からのアクセス: 車で27㎞、約50分。国道18号線を下って、長野の市街に入れば看板が出ます。電車で戸倉駅⇔長野駅は25分、それからバスで約5分。



長野県の代表的な高原リゾート、軽井沢は自然で恵まれて、美術館やブティック店と飲食店のメッカ、可愛いチャペル、そして…アウトレット! 豪華な万平や三笠ホテルそして別荘地でリッチな気分になります。





亀清旅館からのアクセス: お車は2ルートがあります。従来なのは善光寺まで出て、登っていくの45分+45分、合計90分。しかし、更埴ICから上信越道に乗って信濃町ICで降りて、裏から登れば亀清から奥社の駐車場まで60分で行ける。遠回りだし、高速代がかかるけど、早い。電車は戸倉から長野駅まで25分、Alpicoバスで戸隠まで約60分です。

亀清のアドバイス: 戸隠は四季にそれぞれの魅力がある。秋は一番人気(特に鏡池の紅葉風情が良い;10月の週末はマイカー規制がかかるのでご注意ください)。しかし、春は水芭蕉やバードウォッチング、夏は高原の涼しさや川遊び、そして冬はスノーシューのパラダイスです。良いコースを紹介しますので、ご相談してください。 忍者について、忍法センターは忍者村ほど大きくないけど、穴場的なので、お勧め。




亀清のアドバス: 私たちは松本の民芸文化が好きです。中町とその延長の日ノ出町で小さな楽しいお店が沢山ある(ちきりや工芸店が大好き!)。少し離れている松本民芸館で松本家具とか見れます。そして、5月末で行われるクラフトフェアは全国から集まる。




亀清からのアドバイス:町の中心街に高井鴻山記念館が私たちの気に入りスポット。高井さんは北斎のパトロンでしたので、小布施町と北斎のルーツを探れる。 中心街から離れたら、岩松院の奥に浄光寺、別名「スラックラインでら」があります。まあ、とにかく、住職がお寺の歴史を守りながら、色んな発想で新しい取り組みも。隣の「茶房まめ家」のお豆腐レストランがお勧め。

6.日本の屋根: 上高地や美ヶ原、そしてロープウエーや夏リフト

長野は山の国である。北、中央、南の3つのアルプスに志賀高原や北信五岳、どこに行っても、山! 乗鞍エコラインのバス、駒ケ岳ロープウエー(千畳敷カール)、美ヶ原のビーナスラインや車山展望リフト、北志賀高原の竜王SORAテラス、斑尾・タングラムの野尻湖テラス、白馬のマウンテンハーバーなど、すべてが亀清旅館から簡単に日帰りできるし、私達が近年に自ら行ってますから様々のアドバイスが出来ます。割引券もございます。






最近、長野産のワインが話題になってきてます。素晴らしいワイナリー(景色、風情、ワイナリーレストランなど)沢山あります。私たちが特に好きなのは東御市の リュードヴァン、上田市のシャトー・メルシャン椀子ワイナリー、隣の坂城町のVino della Gatta、須坂の楠ワイナリー(このシャルドネは人生を変わる!)、飯縄のサンクゼール。






10.姨捨「田毎の月」棚田 *日本遺産*




【ACCESS】The Way to Kamesei, in Photos

July 10, 2020: 温泉タウン戸倉上山田 Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada

Kamesei Ryokan and our onsen town, Togura-Kamiyamada, are conveniently located near both the Shinkansen (bullet train) and major Expressways.  Access explained below, with pictures; access by car first, then by train below.

By Car

※From Tokyo (Nerima JCT)
190km (2 hr 30 min)
Nerima JCT
Kanetsu Expwy E17 78km
Fujioka JCT
Joshin’etsu Expwy E18 104km
Sakaki IC #11
Route 91 1.5km
"Sakaki IC" Signal (Turn Right)
Route 18 5.5km
"Togurakamiyamadaonsen" Signal (Turn Left)
Route 498 1km
"Kamiyamada Culture Hall" Signal (Turn Right)
Chuo Dori 180m
Second Left (Turn Left)
Koen Dori 30m
Kamesei Ryokan

藤岡JCT Fujioka JCT Bear Left.

坂城IC Sakaki IC

坂城IC入口信号 18号に右折
Sakaki IC Signal; Right turn on to Rt. 18.

「戸倉上山田温泉」信号 498号に左折
Togurakamiyamadaonsen Signal. Left turn on to Rt. 498.

「上山田文化会館」信号 中央通りに右折
上山田文化会館信号で右折。Kamiyamada Culture Hall Signal. Right turn on to Chuo Dori.

2つ目の左 公園通りに左折したら、亀清旅館は真正面になります。
2nd Left. Turn on to Koen Dori and Kamesei Ryokan will be straight ahead.

※From Matsumoto Direction
From Matsumoto IC 45km (45 min.) NOTE: Below instructions are for using the Obasute Smart IC. If no ETC card, use the Omi IC and take the mountain road through the Sakagami Tunnel.
(From Tokyo's Takaido IC or from Osaka / Nagoya direction, take Chuo Expwy E20 to Okaya JCT,  then the Nagano Expwy E18 via Matsumoto.)
Matsumoto IC
Nagano Expwy E18 38km
Obasute Smart IC #6-1
↓ After exiting, turn right and follow the narrow roads down 1.1km
Intersection near Obasute Station (Turn Right)
Route 338 3.2km
"Sarashina Elementary School" Signal (Turn Right)
Route 77 3km
Proceed onto the Onsen Town's main street, past the Kara-Koro Foot Bath to the 1st Right (Turn Right)
Koen Dori 30m
Kamesei Ryokan

姨捨スマートIC (ETC専用) Obasute Smart IC (ETC req'd)

出口を出て右折 Turn right after exiting

下りて、突き当たって右(姨捨駅近辺) Proceed down to the "T" and turn right (Near Obasute Station)

「更級小学校入口」信号 県道77号に右折
Sarashina Elementary School Signal. Turn Right on to Rt. 77.

上山田温泉の本通りに進む Proceed on to Kamiyamada Onsen's Main Street

Turn right on to Koen Dori, and Kamesei Ryokan will be directly ahead.

※From Niigata / Kanazawa Direction
From Joetsu JCT 97km (1 hr 15 min.)
Joetsu JCT
Joshin'etsu Expwy E18 86km
Koshoku JCT
Nagano Expwy E19 (Towards Matsumoto) 500m
Koshoku IC #7 (Route 18 towards Chikuma)
Route 18 8.5km
"Togurakamiyamadaonsen" Signal (Turn Right)
Route 498 1km
"Kamiyamada Culture Hall" Signal (Turn Right)
↓  Chuo Dori 180m
Second Left (Turn Left)
Koen Dori 30m
Kamesei Ryokan

更埴JCT 右から2本目の車線 青い矢印
Koshoku JCT Stay in the 2nd lane from the right and follow the Blue Arrow

更埴IC 青い矢印に従って料金所を通って、右方面(R18・千曲)
Koshoku IC Follow the Blue Arrow. After exiting the toll gate, bear right for R18 towards Chikuma.

「戸倉上山田温泉入口」信号で右折 Turn Right at "Togurakamiyamadaonsen" signal.

「上山田文化会館」信号 中央通りに右折
上山田文化会館信号で右折。Kamiyamada Culture Hall Signal. Right turn on to Chuo Dori.

2つ目の左 公園通りに左折したら、亀清旅館は真正面になります。
2nd Left. Turn on to Koen Dori and Kamesei Ryokan will be straight ahead.

By Train

Closest train station is Togura Station on the Shinano Railway line.  From Togura, nearest Shinkansen (bullet train) stop is Ueda on the Hokuriku Shinkansen.  Detailed explanation as follows.

※From Tokyo
Tokyo Station via Hokuriku Shinkansen bound for Nagano / Kanazawa to Ueda (90 min, 1 train per hour). Change to Shinano Railway bound for Nagano to Togura (15 min, usually 2 trains per hour). Alternatively, Hokuriku Shinkansen to Nagano, then back-track to Togura. This might be faster as there is more frequent Shinkansen service to Nagano, but ticket price is higher.

※From Osaka / Kyoto via Nagoya
Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya. Change to JR Ltd. Exp. "Shinano" bound for Nagano to Shinonoi (2 hr 45 min, 1 train per hour). Change to Shinano Railway bound for Ueda / Komoro / Karuizawa to Togura (12 min, usually 2 trains per hour). NOTE: You may want to stop in Matsumoto to see the castle, then follow instructions from Matsumoto below.

※From Osaka / Kyoto via Kanazawa
JR Ltd. Exp. "Thunderbird" to Kanazawa. Change to Hokuriku Shinkansen to Nagano (fastest 1 hr 5 min, 2 per hour). Change to Shinano Railway bound for Ueda / Komoro / Karuizawa to Togura (25 min, usually 2 per hour).

※From Matsumoto
JR Shinonoi Line bound for Nagano to Obasute (45 min, usually 1 train per hour).

※From Hakuba
Alpico express bus to Nagano (1 hr, 1 per hour during winter season). Change to Shinano Railway bound for Ueda / Komoro / Karuizawa to Togura (25 min, usually 2 per hour).

※From Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park
Nagaden express bus from Snow Monkey Park bus stop to Nagano Station (45 min, limited frequency). Change to Shinano Railway bound for Ueda / Komoro / Karuizawa to Togura (25 min, usually 2 per hour).

戸倉駅からの送迎 Shuttle Service from Togura Station

※Shuttle Bus

We offer free pick-up from Togura Station 3-5:30pm. Upon arrival, please call us at 026-275-1032. There is a pay phone out front -- you can simply put in 10 yen and dial.
Alternatively from Togura Station you can come by bus (#9, infrequent service), walking (2.2km, approx. 30 min.) or taxi (approx. 1100 yen - recommended).
For guests coming from Matsumoto, we can pick-up at Obasute Station. Please call ahead with your train time so we can meet you at Obasute. Tel# 026-275-1032.
If using a JR Rail Pass, please note Shinano Railway is not covered. Extra charge from Ueda is 340 yen, from Nagano / Shinonoi is 260 yen.

北陸新幹線 Hokuriku Shinkansen (Runs between Tokyo and Kanazawa with stops at our nearest stations of Ueda and Nagano.)

Shinano Railway cars (example)


July 7, 2020: 亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan



190km (2 hr 30 min)
関越道  E17 78km
上信越道  E18 104km
坂城IC  #11
県道91号  1.5km
国道18号  5.5km
県道498号 1km
中央通り  180m

藤岡JCT Fujioka JCT 左(長野)方面 Bear Left Towards Nagano

坂城IC Sakaki IC

坂城IC入口信号 18号に右折
Sakaki IC Signal; Right turn on to Rt. 18.

「戸倉上山田温泉」信号 498号に左折
Togurakamiyamadaonsen Signal. Left turn on to Rt. 498.

「上山田文化会館」信号 中央通りに右折
Kamiyamada Culture Hall Signal. Right turn on to Chuo Dori.

2つ目の左 公園通りに左折したら、亀清旅館は真正面になります。
2nd Left. Turn on to Koen Dori and Kamesei Ryokan will be straight ahead.

松本ICから  45km (45 min.) 注: 下記は姨捨スマートIC利用。ETCはなければ、手前の麻績ICから坂上トンネル経由という山道となります。
長野道  E18 38km
姨捨スマートIC  #6-1
右方面で細い道で下る 1.1km
県道338号  3.2km
県道77号  3km
公園通り  30m

姨捨スマートIC (ETC専用) Obasute Smart IC (ETC req'd)

出口を出て右折 Turn right after exiting

下りて、突き当たって右(姨捨駅近辺) Proceed down to the "T" and turn right (Near Obasute Station)

「更級小学校入口」信号 県道77号に右折
Sarashina Elementary School Signal. Turn Right on to Rt. 77.

上山田温泉の本通りに進む Proceed on to Kamiyamada Onsen's Main Street

Turn right on to Koen Dori, and Kamesei Ryokan will be directly ahead.

金沢又は新潟からは北陸道(E8)で上越JCTから長野道(E18)に入ります。上越JCTから  97km (1 hr 15 min.)
上信越道  E18 86km
長野道(松本方面) E19  500m
更埴IC #7 (国道18号千曲市方面へ
国道18号 8.5km
県道498号  1km
中央通り  180m
公園通り 30m

更埴JCT 右から2本目の車線 青い矢印
Koshoku JCT Stay in the 2nd lane from the right and follow the Blue Arrow

「戸倉上山田温泉入口」信号で右折 Turn Right at "Togurakamiyamadaonsen" signal.

「上山田文化会館」信号 中央通りに右折
上山田文化会館信号で右折。Kamiyamada Culture Hall Signal. Right turn on to Chuo Dori.

2つ目の左 公園通りに左折したら、亀清旅館は真正面になります。
2nd Left. Turn on to Koen Dori and Kamesei Ryokan will be straight ahead.





※大阪・京都から(金沢経由) From Osaka / Kyoto via Kanazawa

※松本から From Matsumoto

※白馬から From Hakuba

※地獄谷野猿公苑から From Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park


戸倉駅からの送迎 Shuttle Service from Togura Station




北陸新幹線 Hokuriku Shinkansen (Runs between Tokyo and Kanazawa with stops at our nearest stations of Ueda and Nagano.)

Shinano Railway cars (example) Operates between Karuizawa and Nagano (stopping here at Togura Station) with service on to Myoko Kogen.

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姨捨「田毎の月」棚田は日本遺産認定♪ The Moon-Reflecting Obasute Rice Terraces Designated "Japan Heritage"

June 19, 2020: 温泉タウン戸倉上山田 Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada, 長野に来る理由 Reasons to Come to Nagano




この日本原風景が文化庁に認めれらて、 月の都 千曲 -姨捨の棚田が作る摩訶不思議な月景色「田毎の月」ー として伝統的な月見スポットと言う事で、日本遺産に選ばれました。


(長野県でもう1か所も日本遺産に認定された: 上田市の塩田平。国分寺と生島足島神社が夏と冬に1回ずつ太陽の光で結ばれていて、 レイラインがづなく「太陽と太一の聖地」 ~龍と生きるまち 信州上田・塩田平~ で認められました。 姨捨と塩田平の日本遺産の詳しくは ここ と ここ

The legendary moon-reflecting Obasute Rice Terraces have been designated as a Japan Heritage site.  Haiku masters such as Matsuo Basho and Kobayashi Issa traveled to Obasute just to see moon over the rice fields.  Famed Ukiyoe artist Hiroshige made one of his wood block prints depicting the moon rising over the terraces.  Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs recognized the important moon-viewing heritage of Obasute, and added it to it's highly selective list of Japan Heritage sites.

The  Obasute Rice Terraces are 10 minutes by car from Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada and our inn, Kamesei Ryokan.  Our owner is one of the guides for the Obasute Night View Tour, so please come and see one of Japan's newest Heritage Sites yourself!

シアトルクッキーの販売が始まった♪ Our Seattle Cookies now available for purchase!

June 1, 2020: 亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan, グルメFoodie


ご注文を受けておりますのでお問い合わせ下さい。Tel (026)275-1032; メール omotenashi@kamesei.jp

Kamesei Ryokan's "Seattle Cookies" are now available for purchase.  We succeeded in finding a way to bake them for sale that meets the health department requirements.  We are still at the experimental stage, but the prices are

Half-Dozen: 500 yen; Baker's Dozen: 1000 yen.

These are my mom's recipe oatmeal cookies, the type I grew up on.  They are full of walnuts, raisins and chocolate chips, and are mildly sweet.  They go great with milk!

If interested, please contact us to order.  Tel# 026-275-1032; e-mail omotenashi@kamesei.jp

亀清旅館の宿泊営業 5月16日から一部開始、6月1日からフル開始 Kamesei Ryokan: Partial Re-Opening from 16-May, Full Re-Opening from 01-June

May 17, 2020: その他 Miscellaneous


5月16日~5月31日 東京都、埼玉県、千葉県、神奈川県以外の方々以外はウエルカム♪

6月1日~ 皆様ウエルカム♪









Kamesei Ryokan is following the instructions of Nagano Prefecture's governor and will be open for business as follows:

May 16-31: Guests except from Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama are welcome

June 01~ All guests welcome.

Until the corona pandemic subsides, we will be taking the following special precautions:

*Extra cleaning and disinfecting.

*Staff will check their body temperature before work.

*Staff will wear masks when with customers.

*We will operate at 50% occupancy, allowing a minimum of 1 day between use of each guest room to let the room completely air out.

*We will serve meals to guests in their rooms or in private dining rooms as much as possible.

*We will provide our family outdoor bath for private use for free.

With these measures, we hope to provide a relaxed and safe stay for our guests.

なお、我がChef体系の創作料理弁当をテークアウトとデリバリーの提供を好評で続いております。1620です(税込み)。ご予約は前日までにお願い致します。電話(026)275-1032 メール omotenashi@kamesei.jp (配達は千曲市・坂城町、500円。)

Meanwhile, we are also offering our chef's kaiseki-style meal in bento form for take-out and delivery.  Price is 1620 yen per person, and we request orders to be placed by the day before, tel# 026-275-1032, e-mail omotenashi@kamesei.jp.  (Delivery is available within Chikuma City and Sakaki Town for 500 yen.)

亀清旅館の5月営業について Kamesei Ryokan's Operating Schedule for May

May 7, 2020: その他 Miscellaneous

コロナウイルスの営業対策のお知らせです。(Operating Schedule Changes due to Corona Virus -- English to follow.)







当面の間は我がChef武井の創作弁当を提供しております。1620円でテークアウトまたはデリバリー(千曲市・坂城町)で、前日までのご予約をお願い致します。☏026-275-1032  ✉omotenashi@kamesei.jp



亀清旅館 タイラー

As per the instructions of Nagano Prefecture's governor, Kamesei Ryokan was closed until 06-May.  The governor has requested an extension of closure until 15-May, so we will not accept new reservations during that time.

From 16-May to 31-May, the governor is requesting us ryokans to refrain from accepting guests from out-of-prefecture.  For that time, we will operate with only 50% of our guest rooms to avoid crowded conditions.

The prefecture's policy seems to change by the day.  We will notify any further changes accordingly.

Meanwhile, we are offering our chef's cuisine in bento form for take-out and delivery (Chikuma City, Sakaki Town) for 1620 yen.  Please order 1 day in advance by telephone (026-275-1032) or e-mail (omotemashi@kamesei.jp).

We hope everyone stays safe so we can survive corona together.

Tyler Lynch, Kamesei Ryokan

母の日に亀清の弁当は注文にコサージュを♪ Free Corsage for Bento Orders for Mother's Day

May 7, 2020: グルメFoodie
母の日の週末に亀清旅館の弁当を是非に! 9日・10日ご注文にお母さんたちに私の手製の花のコサージュをプレゼントします。Chef武井の創作懐石料理弁当は1620円で、テークアウトでもデリバリー(千曲市・坂城町)でもお届けいたします。
For Mother's Day celebration, how about our Kamesei Ryokan bento box? Free hand-made corsage for all mothers for orders on the 9th and 10th. Our chef's bento is 1620 yen and is available for take-out or delivery (Chikuma City, Sakaki Town).


亀清のゴールデンウィーク仕出しにTボーンステーキも♪ Kamesei's Take-out to include T-Bone Steak for Golden Week

May 3, 2020: グルメFoodie





Can't leave the house during Golden Week, but at least want a special meal?

Try Kamesei Ryokan's T-Bone Steak!

During our Corona-closure, we have started offering our chef's cuisine in bento form for take-out or delivery, and have already served approximately 100 meals.  For Golden Week, we will also offer our popular T-Bone Steak.  For guests who also order a bento, the price will be 6000 yen including tax for a 2-person size steak.

The number of steaks is limited, so please order asap, either by phone (tel# 026-2751-032) or e-mail (omotenashi@kamesei.jp).  Price for bento is 1620 yen.