New guest room sink洗面j台改善

2008.03.21: 青い目のおもてなし This American’s Omotenashi

Misaki checking out my plumbing work

One of our guest rooms had a leaky sink. In my attempt to repair it, I managed to crack the porcelain. So I went ahead and updated the whole thing, with a cool ceramic bowl, a stylish faucet, and a nice, wood countertop. If guests like it, I plan on updating more bathrooms in the future.

Special Guests 珍しいゲスト

2008.03.20: 青い目のおもてなし This American’s Omotenashi

Tairaa and Sayuki and Debito

A gathering like this doesn't happen very often: Arudo Debito, the 'Michael Moore' of Japan; Sayuki, Japan's first foreigner geisha, and Yours Truly, the blue-eyed 'wakadannna' innkeeper. The three of us, in our various ways, are actively working to bridge the gaijin-nihonjin gap and share Japan's rich culture with people overseas (as well as working to open Japan up to some Western ideas). Needless to say, we had some lively discussions. Up to 2:30 in the morning. Two days straight!
亀清で珍しい集まりがありました:札幌からのArudo Debitoさん(人種差別に対する活動している)と浅草からのSayukiさん(日本発の外国人芸者)と私(青い目の若旦那)。三人ともがそれぞれの業界で日本人・欧米人のギャップを超える努力をしています。
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Debito-san experiencing Shateki for the 1st time

イースター準備 Getting ready for the hunt

2008.03.19: 青い目のおもてなし This American’s Omotenashi

約1000個 Approx. 1000 eggs


Getting ready for Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt with members of the Chikuma International Exchange Association.

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2008.03.18: 青い目のおもてなし This American’s Omotenashi

A Year in the Life -- My annual progress report to the ryokan assoc.


セツブンソウ 騒ぎ

2008.03.17: 季節 Seasons






看板動物登場 The Turtles are Back

2008.03.16: 亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan

Our namesake animals

Our namesake animals have officially come out of hibernation. The turtles from the koi pond in our naka-niwa garden were out sunbathing today. We originally had 5 turtles, but two of them ran (?) away.
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もうじき杏の時期 Apricot Blossom time is almost here

2008.03.15: 長野に来る理由 Reasons to Come to Nagano

Apricot Blossoms in their pastoral setting

Chikuma City's Tourist Div. sent us this picture of the 'Anzu no Sato' apricot blossoms. You may wonder if the blossoms are as pretty as the picture. Let me tell you, they are even prettier! This year, the blossoms are predicted to be in bloom from April 3rd to the 18th, with peak bloom April 10th.
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ギャラリーはあと半月 Only a half a month left for our gallery

2008.03.14: 温泉タウン戸倉上山田 Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada


As part of the Togura Kamiyamada Ryokan Assoc.'s "1-Inn, 1-Gallery" project, Kamesei has been proud to display the wood block print works of Tokyo artist Kunio Kaneko. The display continues until the end of March. Kaneko-sensei's works match our lobb so well, we will be sad when they go.
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Title: 'Get a Geta'. Get it?

戸倉上山田温泉のネオンの由来The Legend Behind the 'Togura Kamiyamada' Neon

2008.03.13: 温泉タウン戸倉上山田 Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada

Togura-Kamiyamada Onsen's symbol is the town's name in neon on Jyou-yama. I've heard lots of stories about the neon sign, such as the individual characters are bigger than the letters on the famous Hollywood sign and ours is being registered with Guinness Book of World Records. (Personally, I think whoever thought up that was dealing with an entirely different type of Guinness...) Anyways, official info from the city at the above-referenced link.
亀清旅館のHPはこちらClick here for Kamesei Ryokan websiteちなみに、このシンボルのネオンは亀清からももちろん見える。


初の訓練 First Fire Drill

2008.03.13: 青い目のおもてなし This American’s Omotenashi


As an inn, in some ways we are responsible for the lives of our guests. That may be an exaggeration, but I believe in the importance of providing for the safety for our guests. To that end, I got certified in Fire Prevention, and today we had the fire department come and we ran a fire drill. It was a valuable experience - I learned a lot. I want to thank the fire department for their kindness.
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