Couchsurfing Cook: 亀清旅館経由で自転車で本州の横断 Cycling transverse of Honshu via Kamesei Ryokan

September 20, 2012: サイクリング Cycling

Couchsurfing Cook aka Wylie Goodmanさん。




Wylie-san is taking a 6-month trip around Asia, with Japan being her first stop. And what a stop -- she's riding her bike across Honshu, from Tokyo through Nagano (including a stop here at our onsen town, Togura-Kamiyamada) to Joetsu City in neighboring Niigata Prefecture.
This Honshu Transverse is apparently one of the Top 10 Cycling Routes of Japan. And our little inn, Kamesei Ryokan, is right on the route!

Nicknamed the Couchsurfing Cook, Wylie-san's mission in life is to experience the many cuisines of the world through globetrotting travellers. See her blog for more.

Thank you for visiting Kamesei Ryokan, and we wish you the best for the rest of your travels.

CouchSurfing Cook

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