Some days ya' just gotta go sledding

2010.02.07: 季節 Seasons

Sledding in Chuo Park


In Chuo Park behind Kamesei Ryokan, there is a little hill that is just perfect for sledding. With the recent snow, and today's warm sun, it was perfect conditions for sledding. Our kids spent the morning playing in the snow with some of the neighborhood kids. It looked like so much fun, I took a turn on the sled, too, wearing my 'samue' traditional Japanese work clothes nonetheless. It brought back great childhood memories. There is something about playing in the snow and children's smiles -- they go together so well.
Our little Misaki's fingers got cold, so I brought her back to Kamesei and helped warm her up with a cup of hot chocolate. Ahh, more fond memories from childhood...

Kenny doing a belly slide

Misaki trudging up the hill


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