Late winter snow fall 春の木に雪?

2011.03.17: 季節 Seasons

Snow on the 'tree of spring'




Looking around the garden, everywhere you look there are signs of spring starting to show up. The daffodils are starting to poke their heads out of the ground. The camelia trees are starting to bloom. In fact, the Chinese character for camelia, 'tsubaki', is written as 'spring tree', or the tree of spring.

Just when we were getting in the mood for spring, snow fell again. There's just something odd about seeing snow on the 'spring tree' blossoms.

The people around Sendai that lost their homes from the earthquake and tsunami now have to deal with this cold weather. I feel so sorry for them. The ryokan association here in Nagano is working with the prefectural governor to accept the displaced people. I hope we can provide shelter as soon as possible.


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