Happy New Year Images お正月の印象

2010.01.01: 季節 Seasons

12月31日と1月1日はたった24時間の違いだけですけど、この切り替えはいつもと違って、31日にその一年間にお世話になった皆様に「有難う」と。毎日に言えば良いけど、なかなか・・・ それこそ、その12月31日の「有難う」は重い。

December 31st and January 1st are just two normal old days. However, especially here in Japan, they represent something much deeper. On the last day of the year, you thank all of your associates for their help throughout the year. I guess it would be more appropriate to thank them everyday during the year, but we never seem to do so. That makes the December 31st 'Thanks' ever so important. Then the calendar changes a day, and you find yourself telling those same acquaintances, "Omedetou" which means "Congratulations". I still don't quite understand why everyone goes around congratulating each other on the first of January, but that is the tradition.
Following is a picture collage of my impression of New Years in Japan. And for all of you who read this blog during 2009, I want to pass on my appreciation and look forward to continuing the relationship into 2010.

信州戸倉上山田温泉の亀清旅館のHPはこちらClick here for the website of Kamesei Ryokan in Nagano.

New Years Decoration given to us by a relative

Kamesei's entrance decked out for New Years

Getting the Nengajo greeting cards ready

Eating mandarin oranges and watching New Years Eve TV

2010's first sun


A Kamesei New Years Poster Made by a Guest

Watching the New Years Day eki-den race on TV -- endlessly!


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