GWの始まりの亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan at the Start of Golden Week

2012.04.28: 季節 Seasons

Kamesei's Huge Carp Streamers




Golden Week 2012 has finally started! Throughout this holiday period, Kamesei will be welcoming many guests with children. So our inn will be blessed with pitter patter of little feet. In honor of GW's Boys Day, we put up our huge koi-nobori carp streamers in our driveway. Hopefully all the kids that will be coming this week will enjoy the colorful streamers.

When we were living back in Seattle, we often decorated the front of our house with carp streamers. Probably none of our neighbors knew the significance, but I did it anyways because I like Japan's Boys Day tradition.

Now that we are here in Japan, we go all out with these huge streamers. Enjoy Golden Week, everyone!


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