M-Wave オリンピック記念展示 Olympics Exhibition

2012.12.09: 長野に来る理由 Reasons to Come to Nagano

Our kids bobbing in the bobsleigh at the M-Wave Olympics Exhibition Corner


さあ、クイズタイム: スキージャンプかスピードスケート、どちらのジャージーが軽いでしょうか?


The other day I took our kids to M-Wave to watch the World Cup Speed Skating. While there, we checked out the Nagano Olympics Exhibition Corner.

I had seen a bit of the exhibit before, but this was the first time to explore it in depth. And I was pleasantly surprised to see how deep the exhibit is, with plenty of interactive exhibits to get a feel of what the '98 Winter Olympic experience was like.

Okay, quiz time: Which is lighter, a ski jumpers uniform or a speedskaters'?
And, just how heavy is the torch that the runners carry?
Our favorite exhibit was the bobsleigh that sits in front of a video screen showing actual footage from a run down the Spiral, the course used for the Olympics.
As the video shows the bobsleigh careening through the corners, you find your body naturally leaning into the curves.

If you go to M-Wave to see a competition, to go ice skating yourself, or to attend one of the many events held there, be sure to see the Olympics Exhibition Corner, too!

Note: The website has been recently renewed, and in addition to Japanese and English, now features français, 中文(Simplified Chinese), and 한국어 (Korean).


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