M-Waveでスケート選手と滑る Skating with the Athletes at M-Wave

2012.01.06: 長野に来る理由 Reasons to Come to Nagano

M-Wave's facade



普段はなかなかない見れない姿: 直ぐ側にスピードスケートの選手がすーっと滑って 楽に見えるけど実はすごい力。




Ice Skating is one of the joys of winter here in Nagano. Our family during this New Years holiday period went skating at Nagano City's M-Wave, home of the '98 Winter Olympic speed skating.

True to its Olympic venue origins, there are always speed skating athletes training during regular skating hours. As recreational skaters make there way around the oval, the athletes go whizzing by in their 'speed' lane. It's very exciting, especially when a line of 10 or so skaters go by in a sort of speed train.

This winter, if you want to try ice skating here in Nagano, M-Wave is a great place to watch speed skating athetes as you have enjoy a bit of skating yourself.

M-Wave is approx. 40 minutes by car from Kamesei Ryokan and our onsen town Togura-Kamiyamada. Or you take the train from Togura Station to Nagano Station and catch a bus to M-Wave.



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