Chihiro protege? ちひろの弟子?

2008.05.12: 長野に来る理由 Reasons to Come to Nagano

Chihiro-style watercolor

I always ask the out-of-town guests here at Kamesei Ryokan what brought them to Nagano. A surprising number say the Chihiro Art Museum in Azumino, famous for its lovely garden.
Yesterday, our family went for a drive to check it out. (1-Point Advice: take Rt. 403 instead of the freeway. You'll get to see some of Nagano's beautiful rural countryside, as well as it being a fun, windy mountain road.)
When we went into the museum, they happened to be preparing for their Summer art classes and needed a model for pictures for the brochure. So our son Andy volunteered. Pictured is the card he created.
The outing was a nice drive, a nice garden, a nice museum, and nice timing with Andy's modeling.

ちひろ安曇野美術館のHPはこちらClick here for the Chihiro Azumino Art Museum website


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