Michelin Presentation ミシュランへの発表

2008.05.26: 青い目のおもてなし This American’s Omotenashi

Michelin dancer Takeshi, mismatched with her cell phone 🙂

まあ、これで二星ぐらいかな?:) (メンションさえされたら嬉しい!)
Today was the big day to make our 10 minute presentation on Togura Kamiyamada Onsen and Chikuma City to the Michelin Guide Japan editor. I talked about our namesake Chikuma River and our famous 'Obasute' mountain, and then explained about our onsen's history and the geisha heritage. Takeshi and Harugoma, two of our most talented geisha, then performed 'Chikuma Ko-Uta' with dance and song and shamisen. I think the editor was impressed, as he took a picture of the dance. He also asked about the Obasute legend -- were old people really thrown away at the mountain? I wanted to answer "Of course! There are lots of graves up there, and ghosts, too!" But a couple of guys from City Hall were there, too, so I had to stick with the official reply: in the year 768, a local man was selected as one of the Top 9 people in Japan for filial piety. As the legend's theme is also filial piety, the connection was made.
I thought the presentation was good for at least two stars. 🙂 (We'll be lucky to even get mentioned!)

Presentation Venue: Shibu Onsen


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