M-Waveで親孝行 Filial Piety, M-Wave Style

2012.03.11: 青い目のおもてなし This American’s Omotenashi

3 Generations Skating at M-Wave




"Back when I was a schoolkid, some days I used to iceskate to school." My dad, who grew up in the Midwest, used to tell me that story. My parents flew to Japan to come see us in Nagano. Our family loves to go iceskating, so during my parent's trip I really wanted to go skating with them and our kids.

For this season, M-Wave in Nagano City held their last open-skate day this Sunday March 11th. So we all piled in the car and drove out to skate. For having not skated for decades, Grandpa did really well.

Japan talks a lot about filial piety. I was grateful to be able to realize my dream of filial piety -- skating with Dad and with our kids. All thanks to M-Wave.


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