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2010.06.30: 青い目のおもてなし This American’s Omotenashi

今回の研修会のもう一人の講師が上田市の服部 年明様でした。長野市のルネサンスの建築家と呼ばれているそうです。本人が長野市のタウンマネージャーだった間、大手デパートの跡を市が回収し、市民の中心的な場所を作った;またもう一つのでかいデパートの跡はToigoってテレビ局の本社や人が集まる施設ができた;善光寺の手前にいくつかな空き店舗があって、「パティオ大門」って蔵のテーマの商業施設ができた。とにかく、ものすごく効果を出している人。会ってみたいと思いました。そしたら、今日の公演は昼食の為に少し早く来る様に言われて、隣に座っていたのは、なんと服部さん本人でした!ちょうど良い機会で私が興味津々でしたから色々と聞きました。服部さんはすごい人です。会社のマネージャーなら、商品の組み合わせを管理して、どれが効果を出しているか、何が抜けているか、全部を管理する。町もそうしないと進まないと説明してくれた。亀清旅館は独自で動いてもダメ。温泉街があるから亀清がある。川と山があるから温泉街がある。つまり、全体を合わせて動かないと駄目。
Nagano Prefecture's Chamber of Commerce invited me to give talks in Matsumoto last week and Nagano City today at their annual Instructors' Seminar. The idea was for me to give the instructors some new concepts to use when advising various companies in the prefecture.
I really like giving these types of talks, for two reasons. One is it gives me a chance to raise awareness for the "Inbound" cause. The other is I get to see and meet new places / people. Today's talk was no exception. One of the other speakers was Toshiaki Hattori. During his time as Nagano City's "Town Manager", one defunct department store's building was bought by the city and several essential city functions were centralized there making it a major people draw. Another defunct store was replaced by a TV station's HQ, another people draw. And several empty stores near Zenkoji were remade into "Patio Daimon", a snazzy warehouse-themed shopping plaza. This Hattori-san managed to produce some fantastic results for Nagano City. It was fascinating to talk with him. He explained that, for example, our inn, Kamesei Ryokan, doesn't exist by itself. It's because of the Togura Kamiyamada Onsen town that it exists. The town itself exists because of its proximity to Zenkoji. The entirety has to be taken into account and managed as one.
Talking with Hattori-san raised some anxieties that I have with government and democracy. Back in my home state as well as at the national level in America, the Democratic Party took control, but all of the promised improvements have become bogged down in politics. America was supposed to be the pinnacle of democracy, but that same 'pinnacle' caused this world-wide recession with the sub-prime crash. Perhaps democracy isn't "progress" after all. Another example is here in Chikuma City, which was made by the merger of 2 towns and 1 city in 2003. Usually these mergers result in efficiencies allowing for a reduced total number of city workers. However, the number has actually grown! No corporate M&A would allow that to happen. There isn't enough accountability!
Listening to Hattori-san makes me wonder if a Singapore-like city / country manager system wouldn't be more effective...


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