Togura-Kamiyamada to Snow Monkey Train/Bus Schedule for 2015 戸倉上山田温泉→雪猿の電車・バス予定表 2015年グリーンシーズン

2015.06.18: 温泉タウン戸倉上山田 Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada, 長野に来る理由 Reasons to Come to Nagano, その他 Miscellaneous

Due to popular request, we are once again posting the train & bus schedule to get to Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park (home of the world-famous "Snow Monkeys") from our onsen town, Togura-Kamiyamada, for the 2015 Green Season.

Access to the trail head at Kanbayashi  is via Nagaden's express bus or train/bus combo from Nagano Station.  This year there is only 1 express bus in the morning instead of 2.  Apparently with the extension of the Nagano Shinkansen to Kanazawa and the opening of the new station in Iiyama, the 2nd a.m. express bus now originates in Iiyama instead of Nagano Station.  However, there is still relatively frequent service by Nagaden's train line to Yudanaka.  Just keep in mind that from Yudanaka, you'll need to change to a local bus to Kanbayashi.

Nagaden's express bus leaves from bus stop #3 outside Nagano Station's East Exit, while the train to Yudanaka starts out as a subway from Nagano Station.  Look for the elevator outside Nagano Station's Zenkoji Exit.

Trains and Busses to the Snow Monkeys, Green Season 2015


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