Oさんのお陰で姨捨駅がピカピカ Obasute Station's Cleanliness is Thanks to O-san

2009.08.09: その他 Miscellaneous

Obasute's Hero







Nearby Obasute Station is getting a lot of attention. It is known as one of Japan's Top 3 Views from the Train Window, Nikkei Newspaper's #2 "Station We Want to See", and the same Nikkei Newspaper's #1 Moon-Viewing Spot.

Is that all just by dumb luck?

Or is there more to it than that?

If you look closely at the station, you'll notice:
*There is a new hand-carved sign above the entrance,
*There is a painting by local artist Mori Bakuro on the platform side of the station building,
*The platform's garden is well-taken care of,
*There is a haiku post box on the platform,
*The vending machine out front isn't a glaring red color, but is painted white to match the building,
*Inside the building are some classic pictures as well as explanations of local legends,
*etc., etc.,
*And, despite being an un-manned station, the bathroom is always clean and the spiderwebs are always swept away.

There are basically 2 types of people that do "civic improvement":
1. Those that have meetings for the sake of meetings and talk, talk, talk (like me?)
2. Those that start with the things they can do on a daily basis.

JR's O-san is of the 2nd type. He comes on his own time as a volunteer to work on the station. He's going to be upset that I'm posting his picture in public, but I think it's important that the public know that Obasute's popularity isn't just dumb luck. And that everyone can make a similar difference in their own town.

Civic improvement meetings are important, but cleaning toilets and wiping away spiderwebs is too.


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