JRの信州DC:姨捨駅はどういう役割? What Role Will Obasute Station Play in JR's Upcoming Nagano DC?

2009.06.10: その他 Miscellaneous

Obasute Station House -- Notice the Turtle-like shapes surrounding the windows.  姨捨駅舎:窓の周り縁は亀に見えますか?


In fall of 2010, JR Group will feature Nagano Prefecture in a Destination Campaign. The theme will be "Walking". Here in Togura Kamiyamada Onsen, we are already working on preparing Eco / Fitness activities to promote during the DC. (Yours truly is the top coordinator.)
Chikuma City's sole JR station is Obasute on the Shinonoi Line. Today I went there to explore the possibilities for the upcoming DC. JR has already replaced the platform signs, and is apparently planning on special event trains for the DC.
Obasute Station is set up in "Switchback" style, making it popular with railroad fans. It also has a great view of the Obasute terraced rice fields as well as the Zenkoji Plain whose lights are beautiful at night, making the station popular with fans of natural scenery as well as night views. In addition, the area is connected with the "Ta-goto-no-tsuki" (moon reflecting in the individual rice paddies) and "Obasute-yama" legends, making it popular with history as well as haiku fans.
How can we make the most of Obasute Station with all of its fascinating aspects, for the upcoming Destination Campaign?


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