Imitation Yagura コピーの櫓

2008.04.22: その他 Miscellaneous


They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. If that's the case, then I guess I am flattered. Today I went to the Kamiyamada Onsen Company's office. Guess what they were making -- a yagura! Just like the one I built next to our outdoor bath. Apparently they liked the idea so much they decided to build one, too. (A yagura, by the way, is basically like an oil rig that they used 100 years ago to dig the onsen wells.)
英語のことわざで「模倣はもっとも誠実なお世辞」と言います。ところで、今日は上山田温泉会社によりました。何を作っていらっしゃったでしょうか? 櫓! 私が去年に露天風呂のそばに立てた櫓のまね。温泉会社がその発想を気に入ったようです。嬉しいような。。。

Our yagura 亀清の櫓


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