September Update: Moon Viewing and Bath Building

2011.10.01: メディア Media

A quick review of Kamesei Ryokan's 'American Innkeeper in Japan' blog entries for September shows a strong focus on moon viewing, as well as the continued construction of our inn's family bath. Two trips provided further insight into two of Nagano's treasures: Tsumago and Iiyama.

Building Kamesei's Private Family BAth
The beams for the shelter
Middle School Interns
'Art' Fence
Walls for the Shelter
Panama Canal?
The Shelter is Done!

September: Moon Viewing
Notice on Obasute's Moon Viewing Festival
Mantis Viewing?
Obasute Moon Viewing
The Harvest Moon

September: Foods and Fields
Sugadaira Lettuce
Matsutake Mushroom Plan
Get Your Hands Dirty
Our 'Anzu' (Apricot) Garden
Stay Up!
Inakura terraced rice fields
September Sky

Night Hike @ Kamuriki Mtn.
Habeshina Shrine's Fall Festival (and practicing for same
Nagano Ryokan Junior Association: Panel Discussion a Huge Success

Nagano Treasure: Road to Tsumago
1. From Magome
2. Nakasendo Trail
3. Tsumago-juku
4. Tsumago's Hidden Treasures

Nagano Treasure: Iiyama
1. Preconceptions
2. Kosuge Shrine and cedar trees
3. Tomikura Soba
4. Altars and Paper

Matsutake Mushrooms


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