BS朝日「ふるさとバンザイ!!」で千曲市の紹介! Chikuma City to be featured on Asahi TV

2013.09.28: メディア Media




Hello Everybody! On today's Asahi TV cable channel (as well as Asahi Nagano), from 1:00pm, the TV show "Furusato Banzai!!" will air. Giving a 'banzai' to various hometowns ('furusato') throughout the country, this episode will feature -- Chikuma City! It's in honor of our city's 10th anniversary since Togura Town, Kamiyamada Town and neighboring Koshoku City merged and became one.

If you look closely at the show, you may see a certain 2-meter tall special guest!

I hope everyone tunes in and watches the show!

BS朝日ふるさとバンザイ!! Asahi TV Furusato Banzai


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