Our Christmas Tree is Up! ロビーにクリスマスツリー

2007.12.09: 亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan


Back in the States, it's an annual ordeal to try to keep in mind the 'reason for the season' as Christmas tends to get bogged down in over-commercialization. In Japan, all the stores play Christmas music and decorate (complete with Christmas trees that always say 'Merry Christmas' on them -- otherwise I guess you wouldn't know it's a Christmas tree?). But here it's a hollow 'season without a reason'.

Here at Kamesei Ryokan, we're trying to keep it real for our kids, as well as share a little Christmas spirit with our guests. So once again, we managed to get a fir tree for our lobby and decorate it with ornaments that our family has collected over the years.

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