Kamesei Ryokan Turned into a Ninjutsu Dojo亀清旅館が忍術道場に?

2008.04.08: 亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan

Learning Ninjutsu

Thanks to the inspiration of a Ms. Wain and her beau from Denmark, Kamesei Ryokan's lobby turned into a ninja dojo this afternoon. They had mentioned wanting to go to see Togakushi's ninjas, and were disppointed when I told them they were still closed for the winter. But then I remembered that I had met a real-life Togakushi-School ninja last month. I gave him a call, and Miyashita-sensei came and taught an authentic ninja lesson for us. You, too, can train with him -- just contact us and we'll set it up!

Spritually centering ourselves

Learning the characteristics of the ninja katana

the real deal

Bettina was ready with her ninja socks (?)


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