Chef武井の今のメニュー Chef Takei's current menu "magic"

2010.09.23: 亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan

Our Chef's current line up






I have to reconsider Kamesei's chef's cuisine.

Chef Takei's dinners have been getting favorable guest reviews, and especially lately a couple of the dishes have been big hits. But last night, for a TV shoot, the announcer was praising each dish like there was no tomorrow. Rather than just the obligatory "Umm, Delicious!", she would exclaim after eating the 'nabe' hot pot, "Oh, the lettuce is so nice and crispy, and the pork so juicy, and the sourness of the plum sauce brings out the sweetness of the lettuce -- This is the first time I've eaten this colloboration of ingredients!" Even off-camera, you should have seen her delight in eating the chawanmushi steamed egg custard dish. So she wasn't just hamming for the camera. When someone this well-travelled (and well-eating) praises our chef's menu this much, I have to give Chef Takei more credit! His current menu line-up is as below.

9月の品書き September Menu

旬の物 焼き秋茄子 Grilled Autumn Eggplant
酢の物 佐久鯉南蛮漬け Saku Carp Spicy Nanban Seasoned
サラダ 信州サーモン Shinshu Salmon Salad
蒸し物 びっくり茶碗 Surprise Chawan egg custard
つくり かじき、甘海老、タコ Kajiki tuna, shrimp, octopus
焼き物 鮎塩焼き Salt-rubbed Grilled Ayu
台の物 ポークと高原野菜(菅平レタス)と梅ソースPork and highland lettuce with plum sauce
別皿  味噌漬け豆腐、白醤油焼きと(気持ちで)松竹のホイル焼き Miso-seasoned tofu, eel grilled in white soy sauce and a touch of matsutake mushrooms baked in foil
揚げ物 まぁーずうまい唐揚げ Mahz Yummy Karaage Pork with Miso-based Sauce
お椀  蜆汁 Miso Soup with fresh water clams
香の物 野沢菜 Nozawana and other pickled vegetables
水皿  採れたてぶどう三色 3 Varieties of fresh grapes


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