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2013.01.12: グルメFoodie

Googie's Cafe Winter Menu 2013

アメリカンダイナーとのテーマのGoogie’s Cafeは冬メニューが登場しました。長芋グラタンや牡蠣ドリア、カニクリームピザなど、冬らしいアイテムで温まりそう。
メニューの中で一つな嬉しい気付きがあった。長芋グラタンの英文でChinese Yamって書いてあった。長芋は英語でどう何言えばよいか、ずっと悩んでいた。自分自身はChinese Yamと言う呼び方が初めてだったけど、今度、英語圏のお客さんが来るとお料理を説明する時に使ってみよう。(笑い)

American-diner style Googie's Cafe has released its winter menu. With dishes like oyster doria and crab cream pizza, this seasonal menu is sure to warm you up this winter.
It had been a couple of months since last going to Googie's, and I was glad to see they are continuing their tradition of offering a seasonal menu. Those people at Googie's sure put in a lot of effort, and it shows with their creative menus.

One other menu-related item caused a bit of elation. Their winter gratin features "Nagaimo", a long root vegetable grown here in the sandy soils along the Chikuma River. I had always wondered what to call Nagaimo in English, and there it was: Chinese Yam Gratin. Now, I've never heard of Chinese Yam before, but next time we have some English-speaking guests come to Kamesei, when I present the meal I will try using this term.

Googie's Cafe

Googie'sの関連会社、洋服メーカーThe Flat Headはまた今年にウィンターフェスタを開催するそうです。2月3日10:00-16:00で、場所はフラットヘッドヘリテージガレージです。ライブ、蚤市、オリジナル商品、クラシックカー、家族の皆が楽しめるイベント。
Googie's sister company, Jeans and classic Americana apparel maker The Flat Head, will once again hold their Winter Festa. For 2013, it will be on Sunday 03-February from 10am to 4pm. The location is the Flat Head Heritage Garage. There will be live music, a flea market, one-off clothing items for sale, classic car display -- fun for the whole family.

The Flat Head Winter Festa


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