Chef武井の旬の味 Chef Takei's Seasonal Dish

2010.02.16: グルメFoodie

Fuki Miso Sauce

今度は、例の まぁーず に合わせて、チャレンジする予定だそうです。お楽しみに!

Kamesei Ryokan's Chef Takei has prepared a new dish for the season: Seasonal Fry with Fuki-Miso sauce. The dictionary says "fuki" is Petasites japonicus, and is apparently also known as bog rhubarb or giant butterbur. I'm not sure what the heck those are, but I know what fuki means: winter is losing its grip and spring is on the way in. Fuki pops its head up as the snow starts to melt. You can find it many places all around the area. It's bitter taste is a refreshing break from the preserved vegetables that we have been making do with throughout the winter, and is a prelude to the spring vegetables that are just around the corner.
Our Chef Takei has prepared locally picked fuki by frying it in oil to bring out its flavors, then mixed it with miso by our local manufacturer, Takamura Shoten. He uses it as a sauce for an ensemble of fried pork filets, bamboo shoots, tara no me (another early spring plant) and, for color, yellow bell pepper. He will be trying a variation using the new Mahzu sauce -- stay tuned!


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