Swine Flu: HI vs. JP 新型インフルエンザ対応 HI vs. JP 

2009.05.20: 日米関係Culture Shock


Leaving Japan and arriving in Hawaii for my brother's wedding, we were surprised to see that Swine Influenza was topping the news in both places. Actually, what was most surprising was the difference in how both sides were handling the outbreak. Back in Japan, a handful of students came down with the new flu, and the entire school districts of Osaka and nearby areas canceled classes for a week. Here in Honolulu, one school had several students come down with the new flu, but the school is still running. Apparently they wouldn't consider shutting down unless at least 10% of the students had the flu.

Now, I'm not going to judge which response is better. They both seem too extreme to me. And they have far-reaching consequences, especially travel-related. Due to Osaka's over-blown reaction, many tourists are canceling trips there, so much so that now is actually probably the best time to see Kyoto withouth crowds! Hawaii, on the other hand, has seen a drop in Japanese tourists which probably could be alleviated if the flu outbreak were being handled more seriously.
Well, flu or no flu, we are here to enjoy my brother's wedding. Aloha!


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