Santaさんが来た証拠 Proof that Santa came

2008.12.25: 日米関係Culture Shock

The cookies and milk we placed in front of the fireplace for Santa have disappeared. And the apple we put out for Rudolph has a big chunk bitten out. That means Santa Claus came during the night!
We have lots of presents under the Christmas Tree. I was hoping to open them this morning but our sons have to go to school. Why can't Christmas be a holiday in Japan? If only the emperor were born 2 days later... (23-Dec is the emperor's birthday and a national holiday.)
We went to Christmas Eve mass last night at the nearest church. One thing the pastor mentioned that stuck in my head is that in Japan, most people would that it wouldn't be a Christmas celebration if you didn't have a Christmas Cake. In other words, there is no thought about the real Christmas message. Christmas is getting more and more commercialized back home in the States, too, but here in Japan it's all commercial. KFC pulled off a marketing marvel and has people here thinking they need to eat chicken today. I really hope the Christmas Message doesn't lose out to fried chicken and cake!

Mari and Misaki opening up stockings


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