Sake boom 酒ブーム

2008.04.03: 日米関係Culture Shock

(Last Report from Seattle)
This was our last day in Seattle. Our trip was too short to do all the things we wanted. One thing I really wanted to do but didn't have the time for was to stop at a new sake shop, "Sake-Nomi" ( Apparently sake's popularity is booming in the States, and there's a new shop in downtown Seattle that specializes in gourmet sake, including from Nagano. And it happens to be run from some old friends of mine. Johnny and Taiko. If you guys see this blog, I hope you are doing well!
これが里帰りの最後の日。今回は短すぎて、行きたいところの全部に行かれなかった。その1つはシアトルの新しい酒専門店:「さけのみ」( 信州の酒も扱っているようです。そして、偶然だけど、私の昔の友人がやっている。ジョニーさんとTaikoさん、このブログを見れば、「お元気で!」。


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