Orcas Island Pottery, featured at Kameseiオルカスアイランド陶芸は亀清にも!

2008.03.28: 日米関係Culture Shock

Mari and Orcas Island Pottery

If you take a bath at Kamesei, you will likely see a beautifully sculpted turtle above the onsen water spout. If you've wondered where he came from, this is it: Orcas Island Pottery. (www.orcasislandpottery.com) Mari and I visited there today, during our vacation from our vacation to Orcas Island. The place is a magical combination of Pacific Northwest island setting and gorgeous pottery. Many of the pottery makers use Japanese-inspired "Raku" style.

Click here for Kamesei Ryokan website

Obasute - inspired?

Their new tree house -- the coolest you'll ever see!


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