B級グルメの和洋折衷:カツバーガー Best of Both (Fast Food) Worlds: Katsu Burger

2012.08.30: 日米関係Culture Shock

The fabled Katsu Burger




Japan's "B-Grade Gourmet" leader tonkatsu,
and America's fast food king the hamburger,
combined to make the Katsu Burger.

The Japanese owner of Katsu Burger restaurant in Seattle's Georgetown district came up with a doozy with this combination. I had heard the hub-bub about this creative concoction, and was fortunate to get to try it on my first day back during my short trip to Seattle.

This is what people like us in the Japan-American conundrum need to do -- utilize the best of both worlds.

カツバーガーKatsu Burger


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