A thing for water tanks 貯水槽の存在

2010.08.26: 日米関係Culture Shock

我が宿の貯水槽 Kamesei's rooftop water tank




Most buildings in Japan have a rooftop water tank like this. Today I climbed up and in and cleaned out Kamesei's tank. While scrubbing away, I pondered about the usefulness of these tanks. (Maybe it was the hot sun...)

A little research showed that most western countries have municipal water tanks that supply their towns using hydrostatic pressure. In fact, the only place in the States that regularly uses rooftop water tanks is New York, and even then only in buildings 6-stories and taller. (As a side note, apparently 99% of NY's water tanks are wooden.)

These are some of things I was pondering as I suffered under the hot sun scrubbing out Kamesei's tank.


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