Old Nic in the House! CWニコル氏の講演会

2013.12.17: 活動 Activities




Old Nic, as Mr. CW Nicol likes to be called, is one-of-a-kind adventurer. (That's what he describes his job title as -- an adventurer!) He is someone I've gotten to know about ever since first coming to Japan, and have always looked up to. So it was an honor and a privelege to get to meet Old Nic in person, and organize a seminar for him to give a talk at.

Old Nic's talk took place at the 7th floor "Sky Lounge" of neighboring Seifuen. With the Chikuma River and Mt. Gorigamine in the background, he explained about his efforts to revitalize a forest in Kurohime, Nagano. In addition, he also gave several other recent examples of restoring natural sites in major tourist areas in North America and Europe. But it was his stories about how rejuvinated forests and wetlands have the power to rejuvinate the people who visit that struck the biggest cord with the participants.

Speaking of which, at first it seemed like only about 10 people would show up for the talk. But with some SOS assistance by my fellow innkeepers, we managed to get over 100 people to attend.

Next step will be to put Old Nic's words into action!

CWニコル Old Nic


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