2010.02.11: 活動 Activities

Andy and I at Happo-One

Nagano Inbound Summit's Local Meeting at Hakuba took place today. The first half was seeing Hakuba's efforts on attracting foreign skiiers -- from the Slopes! The second half was a meeting to share info between the NIS members and some Hakuba locals.
Hakuba's ads always show blue sky, but today was rain and hail. I'm such a beginner skiier, though, that I don't know the difference between powder and an ice burn. I still enjoyed it, but was shocked to find that my son Andy can whip my butt at skiing! We had expected to see more Australian skiiers, but with it being a Japanese holiday, more Japanese people were out. Plus, the Aussies were probably waiting for the powder to return. But talking with the equipment rental shop people, 80% of the skiiers are foreigners!
At the information exchange session, we heard from locals, like our host, Matt from Morino Lodge, that the biggest change is in the decline of Japanese skiiers. That, and the foreigners are starting to add sightseeing in Tokyo, Kyoto, etc. to their itineraries, shortening their time spent in Hakuba.
Anyways, thanks to Matt, our host, and the other NIS participants, all of whom became even greater fans of Hakuba!

80% of this Hakuba gear rental shop's customers are foreigners


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