NIS II スモールミーティング#4 つけば@戸倉・上山田 Small Mtg #4: Tsukeba at Togura Kamiyamada

2009.08.07: 活動 Activities

The Nagano Inbound Summit is a group of people working to make Nagano a friendlier place for tourists from abroad. We've been holding a series of meetings in various places throughout the prefecture. Some of the members had mentioned wanting to try 'tsukeba' along the Chikuma River. So this year's 4th "Local Meeting" was held here in Togura Kamiyamada Onsen, with Kamesei Ryokan as the host. It was sort of a rushed meeting, due to some of the tsukeba restaurants closing for the year in mid-August.
Partly due to the short notice, and partly due to it being summer vacation, we had a low turnout: myself, a pro guide from Nagano City, a hotelier from Nagano, a Shiga Heights 'pension' owner, an executive from the prefecture's Tourism Assoc., and a representative from a major travel agency. A seventh guy, a Hakuba ryokan owner, canceled at the last moment. Our schedule was:
*A walking tour of Togura Kamiyamada Onsen
*Lunch at Shomura Tsukeba fish shack of ayu (sweetfish) cuisine, while sharing "Inbound" information and discussing NIS's next moves.
*A talk on what Westerners expect in Japan (by yours truly) here at Kamesei.
Details of the meeting will be sent to the NIS mailing list. (If interested in being added to the list, feel free to contact me.)







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