2020.04.24 休業のお知らせ Corona Closure Announcement

2020.04.24: その他 Miscellaneous


Kamesei Ryokan will be closed from 24-April through 06-May by direction of the Nagano Prefecture governor.  During that time our chef's cuisine will be available as a bento box for take-out or delivery (Chikuma City, Sakaki Town).  We look forward to providing a relaxing stay after May 6th.

テークアウト・デリバリ提供開始♪ Take-Out & Delivery Service Started

2020.04.19: 亀清旅館 Kamesei Ryokan


Chef武井の創作弁当 6品+ごはん、味噌丸(お湯を足して汁になる♪)、お茶パック、デザート 2人前 3240円 (1人前も提供できます。料金は数によりますので、お問い合わせをください。)


Chef武井の創作オードブルプレート お造り含めて7品 3~5人分 6000円

タイラー手製のシアトルクッキー 6個 540円  ベーカーズダス(13個)1080円 (残念ながら保健所から許可が下りませんでした。)

ランチ 11:30-14:00 (締切り前日の18:00)
ディナー 18:00-21:00 (締切り当日の15:00)



ご注文はお電話026-275-1032、Fax 026-276-1032、メール omotenashi@kamesei.jp まででお願い致します。



旬の物 筍と鯛の卵

酢の物 ホタルイカ

サラダ 安曇野風のサラダ

煮物 鮎の煮びたし

蒸し物 きんぴらごぼうのウニ焼き

焼き物 信州サーモン玉ねぎおろしソース

味噌まる 高村味噌、もずく、豆腐

ご飯 筍ご飯

デザート シアトルクッキー ←この程度は保健所が許してくれました。

特別なお二人にサヨナラ Saying Sayonara to 2 Special People

2020.04.05: その他 Miscellaneous


Two people I really look up to passed away recently.  Both have had a major impact on my life as an innkeeper.  Here is a bit of a memorial in their honor.

舞鶴の田島さん Tajima-san from Maizuru

Tajima-san 田島さん



Tajima-san was the owner of one of Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada's legendary soba restaurants, "Maizuru".  Ever since I moved here, he really took me under his wing and graciously answered all my curious questions about soba noodles.  Every time I went to eat, he would teach me something new about the surprisingly complicated world of buckwheat noodles -- and always with a smile.  When I made a restaurant guide for the town, Tajima-san was the biggest help for translating the soba-related menu items into English.  I'll never forget what he told me about the origin of kitsune soba and tanuki soba.  'Kitsune' means 'fox' and refers to the abura-age fried tofu topping.  One explanation is that foxes like abura-age.  Another is the reddish brown color resembles fox fur.  So what about tanuki soba?  It means soba topped with fried tempura batter.  Do 'tanuki' (raccoon dogs) like tempura batter?  Tajima-san said the fried batter makes it look like lots of ingredients are in the soup.  But when you it, you realize you were tricked -- the ingredients ('neta' or just 'ta') were left out ('nuki'), hence 'tanuki'.  Raccoon dogs are known to be tricksters, so the name is especially fitting.

The kind Tajima-san that taught me so much about soba passed away last month.


C.W. Nicol (ニコルさん) (Old Nic)

C.W. Nicol at Arato-jo Castle 荒砥城に来たC.W.ニコルさん

環境を守る運動でぎゃぎゃうるさく言っていたニコルさんは私の大ヒーローです。英字新聞「ジャパンタイムズ」の連載コラムで知りました。読めば読むほど、会ってみたいと思い、縁(訳)があって、この戸倉上山田温泉に講演会で呼ぶことが出来ました。世の中で自分のヒーローを実際会う機会がなかなかないけど、一つの夢を叶いました。上田駅までを迎えに行って、雑談していた時に「ニコルさんはアフリカでどこかの国立公園の設立の手伝いもなされましたね」と言ったら、「違うんだよ。俺がエチオピアの国立公園を設立した」と怒られました。さすがヒーロー。戸倉上山田温泉の川(千曲川河川敷)と山(城山、天狗山)を案内しまして、次の日は講演会。その時に、千曲川の河川敷にコンクリートテトラポットを置く作業が行われていた。ニコルさんの講演の中で、ロンドンのテムズ川やバンクーバーのフレーザー川のコンクリートを取り壊して、自然に再生運動の説明もあった。残念ながらあれから千曲川のテトラポットは増えてきた。(泣き) (今もまたテトラポット工事が行われている。)



Old Nic has been active in promoting efforts to protect the environment for over 6 decades.  I got to know about him through his column in the Japan Times.  I had always wanted to meet him, and finally got the opportunity when I was able to arrange for him to come and give a talk here at Onsen Town Togura-Kamiyamada.  It's not often one gets the chance to meet one's hero, so I was thrilled to be able to meet Nicol-san.  I went to pick him up at Ueda Station and while chit-chatting on the way back I asked about him helping to create a national park in Africa.  He gruffly replied that he didn't help -- he was the one to create the park in Ethiopia.  Oops!    Here in town, I took him down to the Chikuma River and up to the surrounding mountains.  At that time, work was being done to install concrete tetrapods along the river bank.  In his speech, Old Nic talked about how London with the River Thames and Vancouver with the Fraser River were removing concrete and taking the rivers back to their natural state.  Unfortunately, the talk didn't succeed in the sense that since then, the number of tetrapods has increased.  (More are being made again today.)

Another fond memory of Old Nic is when he and I were invited to an award ceremony by the governor of Nagano Prefecture.  Most of us were nervous to meet the governor, but Old Nic slapped Abe-san on the back and, wearing a deerskin suit, pressed the governor to make better use of the prefecture's deer resources.  (I was delighted Old Nic mentioned me in his column about the award ceremony.)

Old Nic passed away yesterday from cancer.  He was 79.

テトラポット(泣き!) Crying over the concrete tetrapods

どちらの顔が赤い? Who's face is redder?

ニコルさんの記事 Old Nic's article

コロナウィルスに負けるな! Corona Virus will not defeat us!

2020.04.04: その他 Miscellaneous



Due to the corona virus, everyone is practicing social distancing.  Of course, that means for ryokans like us practically all the reservations have canceled. 

We don't know whether to cry or to laugh.  For now, we're not ready to cry, so we are operating as normally as possible.  For our guests' well-being, until the virus subsides as much as possible we will be serving meals to the guests in their rooms instead of our banquet room to avoid large gatherings of people.  We will also be offering our private outdoor bath "Shinano-buro" for free.

We hope this new corona virus problem goes away soon. Until then, take care everyone.

お食事はなるべくお部屋で出す Serving guests' meals to their room

貸切露天「しなの風呂」の無料化 Family Bath offered for free