Chef武井の9月後半メニュー Chef Takei’s Late September Menu

A couple of photographers came to do a photo shoot for a magazine. I got to sneak in this picture using the pro lighting of Kamesei Ryokan’s Chef Takei Kaiseki Dinner Menu for late September. Menu description as below:

旬の物 焼き茄子 Baked Eggplant
酢の物 佐久鯉南蛮漬け Spicy Nanban-seasoned Saku Carp
サラダ 生湯葉サラダ Salad with Yuba (tofu skin)
蒸し物 Big栗(吃驚)茶碗 Surprise Chawan egg custard
つくり かじき、甘海老、蛸 Kajiki Tuna, Shrimp, Octopus
焼き物 鮎塩焼き Salt-rubbed Grilled Ayu Sweetfish
台の物 4種類の茸鍋 Hot Pot with 4 Varieties of local Mushrooms
別皿  味噌漬け豆腐と松茸のホイル焼き Foil-baked Tofu seasoned with miso, Unagi (eel) seasoned with white miso and Matsutake mushrooms
揚げ物 信州サーモン唐揚げ風 Shinshu Salmon Fried, Topped with Onion Sauce
お椀  松茸汁 Matsutake Mushroom Soup
香の物 野沢菜 Nozawana and assorted Pickled Vegetables
水皿  3食の地どり葡萄 Tri-color Local Grapes


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