魚津旅 Uozu Trip 1

2009.03.30: 長野に来る理由 Reasons to Come to Nagano

Uozu's Ferris Wheel

Nagano and Toyama Prefectures are connected by the Kurobe Tateyama Alpine Route. Our family took a train today to the Toyama side for our #2 son Kenny's Preschool Graduation trip. Our goal was the ferris wheel at Uozu City. Here are some details of our trip, in case you want to try something similar:
We started out at Nagano Station and rode out on the JR Myoko-go train. The views of the snowy rice fields and the majestic mountains around Kurohime and Myoko were thrilling -- to some of us at least. #1 son Andy complained how slow the train was. I told him it's nice and slow -- one doesn't normally get to liesurely enjoy the scenery when driving by car.
When we got to Joetsu, we switched trains to JR Spec. Expr. Hakataka for the ride along the coast. Whenever we saw patches of blue waves, we would yell, "Ocean!" (Nagano is all mountains, no ocean!) The other side of the train featured breathtaking views of the Tateyama Range and the Toyama side of the Japanese Alps. I think I've become a Toyama fan.
After arriving at Uozu, we headed right away for the ferris wheel. I had seen it on a previous trip and was excited for this chance to take the kids to go ride it. It's located in Mirage Land, an old fashioned (but well-maintained) amusement park. Our kids had fun there, then we crossed the street to the Uoze Aquarium. Again, not having an ocean where we live in Nagano, we enjoyed seeing all the fishies. One thing the Uozu Aquarium does well is they have a display on river fish of the Alps. Mari and I were excited to see what Yamame look like swimming. We're used to seeing them prepared on a plate to serve our guests.
For lodging, we choose Niemonya Ryokan in Kitayama Kosen in the foothills above the town. Its scale is similar to Kamesei, and its owners are remodelling the wooden section of the inn -- even with the economy as bad as it is. It was the best of both worlds -- a quiet mountain location with the best seafood. Yup, I've definitely beoome a Toyama fan. Kiyokawa-san and his wife were charming hosts, and our kids enjoyed playing with their daughters. We are grateful for the relaxing time we spent there.


Uozu City魚津市 (With English Section)

Mirage Land ミラージュランド

Uozu Aquarium 魚津水族館

Niemonya Ryokan 「仁右衛門家」旅館

Mirage Land 観覧車

Uozu Aquarium水族館


Myoko-go @ Kurohime

JR Hakataka