月毎の一覧 June 2008

土壁改造:年数もかかるFixing earthen walls takes years


Kamesei’s building with the banquet hall is getting it’s earthen wall fixed. The wall was damaged in the snow storm 2 years ago. Last summer, we had the base patches done, and now we are having the surfaced finished. It would be a lot easier just to slap some aluminum siding on it, but we want to preserve the earthen walls of our building as it dates to the Taisho Era.


長野インバウンドサミット:新毎の取材 Nagano Inbound Summit article in Nagano’s daily newspaper


The editors of NagaKnow magazine and I are organizing an event in late September we are calling the ‘Nagano Inbound Summit’. It’s a gathering of people dealing with travellers from overseas coming to Nagano. Today’s ‘Shinano Mainichi’ newspaper had a feature article on ‘Inbound’ trends and the Summit. It’s encouraging to see our work getting this publicity.

長野インバウンドサミットはこちらClick here for info on Nagano Inbound Summit...




“to-FU” goes the sound. Ah, Aoki-san must be coming. In days past, the tofu guy rode his bike and blew a trumpet and sold tofu around the neighborhood. Now, here in Togura Kamiyamada onsen we have Aoki-san going around in his van with a recorded sound track announcing his arrival. At least the taste of the tofu is as good as it was in the old days.


ただ野球だけじゃない It’s not just baseball




千曲川鮎つり大会 Ayu Fishing Tourney on the Chikuma River


Today there was an Ayu Fishing Tournament on the Chikuma river. The sponsor was Sports Nihon newspaper, and their organizers spent the night here at Kamesei. It didn’t look like many fish were being caught, but the river felt nice and cool in the warm sun.

亀清旅館のHPはこちらClick here for Kamesei Ryokan website


日本政府のアンチーおもてなし Japan Government’s anti-omotenashi

Love Letter from MHLW

Nagano is a long way away from Hokkaido, but our Ryokan Assoc. faxed us this request to be more strict towards our guests from overseas in consideration of the up-coming Hokkaido G8 Summit. On one hand, we say ‘Yokoso Japan’; on the other other we suspect guests are terrorists...


初めての「とっかん」 My first Tokan

とっかん! Tokan!

Just when you think you’re starting to get a handle of things here in Japan, along comes a ‘Tokan’. This evening, I was out behind our inn and heard a large explosion (“To-Kan”). At the park behind Kamesei, there was a funky truck with a bunch of people gathered around. It turned out to be an old guy, Arai-san, popping rice. I ran and got our kids, and a bunch of rice, and went back to experience the ‘Tokan’ in person. He looked at me and said, “I saw you on TV. I’ve been on TV 90 times, and will be on again next month.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I don’t watch the boob tube. Anyways, he went on to explain that he has been doing ‘Tokan’ for 30+ years, longer than anyone else (presumably in the world)...


次の庭も完成!Next Garden Finished!

Andy and Kenny enjoying Suehiro’s ante-garden

Last month, the garden in front of ‘Chitose’ was completed, and yesterday, Suehiro’s got finished. Our gardener, Okada-san, cleverly designed the new garden to be an extension of the first one...


「仕事に熱心!」と言う公演@坂城中 A Speech on Careers for Sakaki M.S.

Sakaki M.S.




Can you see the baby birds?

It’s probably hard to tell by this picture, but the swallows that built their nest above our entrance door are back this year, and their babies are peaking their little heads out of the nest. I guess Kamesei’s hospitality extends to birds, too. 🙂